Branding has a number of common terms, Logo’s, Symbol’s, Monogram’s, Corporate identity’s, Icon’s and many many more… but in truth Branding is not just a swoosh(in Nike’s sake) but everything we perceive of this company. Branding is about the company’s personality and identity, which is everything from the colours they use to the style they mimic through their stationary(Leaflets, posters,etc). its also accounts for the music(Fifa football game adverts tend to have exciting, motivated and adrenaline pumped music to follow up the idea that the game will be full of these emotions when you play them), the typeface(fonts) they use(hand drawn typeface suggests hand crafted, organic and friendly. while a San serif typeface like Helvetica could suggest the companies seriousness). Branding is everything that we as consumers see, hear and perceive of the company. Sometimes Branding can be used for the bad, for example giving a corporate company that promo’s wellness and happiness, but at the same time uses kids working long hours in factory’s for £1 an hour, a good image.


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