Target Audience

In order to create successful graphic design we must know a thing or two about the people that will be interacting with it. The Target Audience…we must put ourselves in there shoes, we must learn to speak their language and we must make a connection with them, all in order to know how to communicate effectively through Design.

There are six typical characteristics which might influence the behaviour of a group of individuals.


  • Where people live and the nature of their physical environment
  • Their specific region and local characteristics
  • The effect of climate upon them


  • Their sex
  • Cultural definitions of gender
  • Ethnicity and associated culture
  • Their age
  • Their income
  • Their occupation
  • Their education
  • The people with whom they share their household, whether children and/or adults
  • Their relative status within the family
  • Their status within a relationship, whether single, shared or married


  • Their personality, whether extrovert or introvert e.g. perfectionist, needy, statusdriven, isolated, compliant, effusive, confrontational or reticent
  • With whom they might share similar attitudes, or express differing attitudes
  • From whom they might derive sets of values, or express differing sets of values
  • With whom they might share similar lifestyles, or express differing lifestyles
  • Their interests and hobbies


  • Their responses within the context of a group and/or family
  • Their loyalties to a group and/or family
  • Their responses to different scenarios and occasions


  • How they might identify with, or reject, a product
  • How they might engage with that product
  • How that product might become a totem or motif


It can be argued that a ‘target audience’ exists only in theory, and that people are motivated by individual agendas, unique to each person, rather than as a homogenous, predictable group.
A person’s behaviour and activity will be motivated by the events encountered by that individual and the circumstances which that person is experiencing.


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