First day

So day one of Field and the start of “Agent of Change” which is up in the Graphic studio, that I am oh too familiar with being a Graphic Communication Student.

We start by introducing ourselves followed by being introduced to the Project with a brief powerpoint presentation by Dr Wendy Keay-Bright(Subject Tutor). I Learned that this project was about “Designing with and not design for”. It is a Live project working with a real client “Eco Camping Wales” which is a small eco campsite in Brecon. This project is about how as designers we can effect/our role in real life change and our response to pressing needs in society(In this case the environment)

After the presentation we meet the client. They tell us about their company, what they are aiming to achieve and why they need our help. I understand that everything they stand for is living off the land, embracing the beauty of their surroundings and getting away from this mobile internet society we currently live in.

why they want us? they need help in bring awareness of this problem to everyone and to make their camp site more appealing to those who wouldn’t try such an experience.


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