Eco Camping Wales

Site Visit 22nd January

We were all taken to Eco Camping Wales in Brecon to see what it was all about.

It starts by us leaving the main road on route to Brecon and going up a very anonymous country road that has no signpost and a farm gate that we had to open to progress. We continue to travel up this country road with no sign of a camp site when we arrive at a white converted farm house where we are greeted by Caroline and Jeremy(the owners of Eco Camping Wales).

After half of us needing to use their toilet we gather outside where Caroline decides to give us the full experience by treating us like paying customers and showing us around the site. She gives us the full tour by walking us around the camp site as well as giving us the history and geographic information of the area.

What i learned from the visit?(apart from how cold it is during this time of the year in Brecon)

– The area and views they have are beautiful.

– In the winter the campsite is too wet and cold to use,

– They own a large amount of land yet they only utilize a fraction of what they have for their campsite.

– They have loads of Ideas but never get around to doing them.

– There customers have no idea of the rules they have on the site.

– They need help in promoting their Eco campsite.

– They have limited funds.


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