Brainstorming and writing the brief

Tuesday 27th January

We start by discussing the research we have gathered in the groups we formed following Thursdays session.


Is to understand the issues at hand in order to construct the brief.

There are 5 topics that where split between us.

  • Waste
  • Signage
  • Eco habits -Do’s & Dont’s
  • Eco information on-site
  • Events

For each one of these topics we had a brainstorm of everyones idea’s. I thought the following where good.


  • An incentive to taking your rubbish home with you. e.g. next visit discount? teaming up with the local pub and supplying a discount on food or drink. same concept can go with encouraging people to walk places instead of driving(Carbon footprint) and walking.


  • Using organic or natural materials to create signs throughout the campsite. would have to be to fit to the surroundings and the Nation parks rules.
  • maybe a flag of such standing high to catch passers attention. possibly made of recycled material(have a pair of Billabong surf shorts that art made of 100% recycled plastic bottles).
  • Geographic sign containing area info e.g. the current altitude, what mountains or what and their high,etc. states and figures always interest people.
  • A map for the campsite. could divide the area using colour and even naming them. creating a set style for the Eco Camping Wales using set Type and Style.

Eco habits- Do’s & Don’t’s

  • Camp welcome pack seems a good idea.
  • Workshop? could be a one off or a series demonstrating different things
  • Could do a video explaining the “Do’s and Don’t’s” for them to see on their website?

Eco info on-site

  • Camp welcome pack again could contain this info. would maybe include map of the site and info of the area? could include card games for children with info on e.g. snap. Or even an adults pack of playing cards with info in them. like this because I find that interacting in something is better for learning rather than making yourself read about it.
  • Geo-catching? again activities to get them to learn. really like this.


  • Treasure hunt. definitely for the children and families staying.
  • Music events? small community gatherings with local bands?
  • Working with the army or Doe students?
  • Community car boot sale?

My Conclusion 

I like the idea of the “Welcome pack” it wouldn’t be expensive, could contain information or the campsites rules(Do’s & Don’t’s), Local info, Event info, etc…

I think the children’s cards and adult cards are a great idea as are the activities like Geo-catching, Treasure hunts and Workshops to educate them.

For “Signage” I like the idea of creating a map with the area’s of the campsite named and coloured. Also using natural materials for signing around the campsite is a no brainer for me.

Can’t wait to see these idea’s come to life!


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