Target Audience

So having a long list of types of Target audience as a group once again we where assigned different ones. Based on our experience and connections we took to contacting whoever we could to have a conversation and to see what we could find out.

I contacted my godfather who is an secondary school PE teacher/outdoor pursuits leader/DOE leader to ask what he would look for either leading a group on an expedition group or DOE group for an overnight stay. He stated that due to the ethos of the DOE being” being able to take care of yourself” he would need a place where to stay overnight that was very basic, somewhere to burning a fire and a area they call come together(basic again that could have cover to check their equipment, talk about the route and other things.

He also suggested targeting school that participate in the outdoors pursuit program.

also made comments on recycling water showers and Solar heating(although I’m not sure it’ll site well in the surroundings).

for summer time he also suggested having groups or walkers/hikers having a try at making their own shelter to sleep under for the real experience which I really like the sound of.


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