Group tutorial and concepts

Tuesday 3rd February

Started this morning with a pre-tutorial meeting in our group to discuss our idea’s/concepts followed by our tutorial with Neil. Looking at the 5 topics

  • Waste
  • Signage
  • Eco habits Does and Don’ts
  • Eco info on-site
  • Events

We discussed the Do-ability of idea’s for each topic and refined them ready for thursday’s presentation to the clients. We talked about we didn’t want to go about awaring people of recycling(campaign) to be all in their face but more subtle maybe using subliminal messaging? Sustainable was again brought up a lot which really refined the idea’s down. I Thought being a graphic design student when it came to the campaign the internet was the best way to got. Creating a load of posters and leaflets would not only be unsustainable but could lead again to items to needing to be recycle which was defining the point of the campaign. other ways we thought of in the group was doing this by interactive events on site.  possible ways could be a weekly/monthly are event where all gathered rubbish could be used to create installations or something for the campsite? like these examples..




these are just a few examples and its could also become a community event.

When looking at a ways of getting people/groups in I remember discussing with Hevin(who runs DOE in a secondary school) the “school’s outdoor pursuit program” and “DOE expeditions” which could educate young children and possibly mold them to be eco aware? plus hosting events such as these could be funded with grants(etc..) get the message across to schools and bring in business.

The main Idea we pushed for was the communal area. this was to be in the centre of the campsite with paths coming to it from every area of the site. the base could be made with pallets which could be taken free of charge from company throwing them away. The communal are will have the fire in the middle or all year, benches made from pallets or tree branches and possibly a shelter for the typical welsh rainy day.

as for Waste we though a compost area would be fitting which could be made again with planks or tree branches to make this.



I do remember Caroline and Jeremy mentioning that their animals always find to getting to food so possible a compost bin with a lid? maybe like this.


I also found this about making your own from pallets and a 3 bin compost system

look forward to seeing what Caroline and Jeremy think of these I idea’s Thursday.


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