Milestone 2

Thursday 5th February

Presentation with clients(Caroline and Jeremy) today pitching our ideas. I thought ours went really well despite not mentioning Signage or Events as well as missing Patrick(a member of our group).

The things that we’re brought to our attention to do with some of the idea’s where, if they where to try and reach out to school’s doing the Outdoors Pursuit Program as well as clubs like scouts and guides, the rules and requirements they would bring could cost fanatically. They said it would be something to research into. Also said that the Compost bin made of pallets would also require a licence. having their campsite in a national park has posed difficult to work around and understand why they’ve found it hard to improve their site.

Caroline and Jeremy both really liked the idea of creating installations, statues or small ornaments with people rubbish. could become a community event which makes items that could feature around the campsite. small items could be sold as a sorce of income.

One of the other groups had a great angle that was.. “Forgetting about time” like a real retreat and detox away from our commercialised life and technology. really think this could work. As for campaigning it I believe the most sustainable way would be via their website and other digital means.

Haven’t had the chance to create any digital design for this field project yet so definitely something I look forward to experimenting with as well as developing and bringing to life the other idea’s.


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