After Life talks

Every Thursday on the Graphic floor(my floor) in the School of Art and Design a designer,design talker, etc.. will coming in for a talk during lunch – “After Life”.

Today was Dan Spain(Awesome name) the man behind Design Stuff Cardiff(Awesome company). DSC holds design talks every so often in Cardiff’s 10FeetTall(Awesome place). His talk was really good(Awesome stuff) and these are the things that i learn…in an (Awesome)nutshell

  • Cardiff is an amazing place to be with Design blooming
  • Always carry a sketch book
  • Personal project are fun and I so should do some
  • CHECK OUT – Mr Bingo – The Daley doodle – Gavin Strange – Polly Aplin
  • Say yes to things
  • Have fun with what your doing
  • Don’t make it perfect just make it
  • Be prepared
  • Learn form your mistakes
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for advice
  • Haters are going to be haters
  • Don’t forget tho’s who help you
  • CHECK OUT – ignite Cardiff
  • Be pro-active

Thats a lot to remember! in a whole WORK HARD & BE NICE TO PEOPLE

Was an excellent AWESOME talk!

Thank you Dan Spain


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