One week left

Thursday 12th February

Our last deep tutorial with Neil. It might of been difficult sometimes to take in what he was saying but I found it extremely interesting and one day I hope to be able to incorporate everything he talks into the way I work as a Design.

Today –  He touched app-on 6 points

  • 1 – What is the desirable thing about our proposal?

The communal area, sitting around feeling the fire and watching it, sharing stores, experience the outdoors and leaving technology behind.

  • 2 – A – What is our idea’s objective?

To create almost a community amongst the people staying at the campsite. a place they can experience the outdoors that is suitable, that functions and is sustainable. something that adds to the environment and that fits.

  • B – What are the clients ideas?

To transform their business. helping aware the if we keep up the way we are currently living that the world won’t be around for long.

  • C – What are they expecting?

Strategies? using us to solve their problem?

  • 3 – Good influence?

not sure I wrote that right(Brain is pretty fried at this point).

  • 4 – How are going to educate them?

From what I have learn’t from Neil my answer who be…By involving them, making them aware that it’s their responsibility and that they can make a difference .

  • 5 – Environment of Change – How do they know this?

By creating a Branding for the campsite? not a logo or brochure but branding the look, feel and ora of the site. creating the experience. making it contrast from where they have come from.

  • 6 – What are you placing into the environment?

An area that sits in the heart of the campsite using sustainable materials and unwanted materials from companies that want to throw it away. materials that can be re-used for building things or firewood.


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