Card concept

Sunday 15th February. 4 days of Field left.

After doing a spot of research on Children’s card games(Snap in particular), I was still none the wiser and still struggling on how to make this game educational and sustainable. I then thought it would be worthwhile in discussing the card idea with my partner. This worked out great, we talked about the desirability, target audience and do-ability of the concept. When I talked to Neil about the idea of the card game he kept suggesting that it should be a game that isn’t based on cards but instead using the materials of the land. I found this extremely difficult to do. I thought then of collaborating the playing cards and Neils’ idea of using ‘materials of the land.’

The idea of this game would be around the lines of snap but with alot more interaction. using symbols of materials that are to be found on the campsite as well as materials one might bring camping. the game would start off like snap with the participants putting down cards ready to call “SNAP” when 2 of the same symbol are matched. each symbol will then have a multiple choice question where the winner has to answer correctly in order to gain a short advantage(depending on the card. possibly from 2 seconds to 5 seconds) ahead of the other player(s). They would then proceed to run off(not too far) to find and retrieve the material which the winner(first to retrieve) will keep. The person that has the most items at the end of the game is crowned the winner(maybe SCAVENGER KING?). The game could come with stickers that the winner or participates could wear or use to promote Eco living.

Really happy with how this is turning out.


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