Card game development

Yesterday I explained the idea of the educational and interactive card game. With the game nailed, I now have a number of things to look into.

  • The multiple choice questions?
  • The Stickers
  • Collectable Items? whether good or bad for the environment. Whether they will be planted before the game starts or just natural things that are found.
  • Number of cards in total? depending on items.
  • Card style/colours?

Also when discussing the card game with my partner, another idea came to mind. What if you could play a multiple of games using the same set of cards? lets say that this set of snap has 4 of the same item and 6 items all together, which would be 24 cards in total. my idea is if on the back of these cards they’re numbered 1 to 24 and then an alternative game to the snap could be Higher or Lower?  The cards should be aimed at families and could be advertised on the website as being maybe free for a family staying or maybe £1 extra? Maybe given in a welcome pack for families?

i decided to trial this multiple use of the cards with my partner, which led to further developments of the game concept for the higher or lower. An added rule: If you are wrong in picking the correct higher or lower choice, the card that was revealed last is to be flipped revealing a picture of the item (from the snap) that they must then go and find in a set amount of time or they are out of the game.


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