Final Development

May of understood what sustainable mean’t a few weeks back but I hadn’t been able to create sustainable design until now. A day before we have the final presentation with the clients and a day before we finish the Field project but I think I’ve nailed it with what I am about to propose.

I was adamant the card idea was a solution to helping educate on the issue as well as enhancing the stayers experience. Every time that I suggested this to Neil he would always try and move me away from the cards and towards a more sustainable approach.

I have been scratching my head in frustration this final week of the project because I know the cards weren’t the solution but I couldn’t think of how a could create sustainable design. Today I decided to discuss this with my partner. Starting off with simple solutions,expanding and then applying creativity to them in an attempt to solve the issue. The first thing I had was the idea of collecting and planting seeds. I like this because it mean’t the would have to explore to find the seeds(from tree’s, plants,etc..) learning about them in the process, then planting them(adding to the land) and leaving a piece of them behind.

After I thought of that I realised that a welcome/activity pack could work. A welcome pack was something we talked about early into the project but was forgotten. I looked at the design of Graze for the design of the pack – Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 17.58.55 Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 17.59.12

really like the simplicity of the box and how easy it would be to create. I pictured the Eco Camping Wales logo(the guys in my group created) would rest on the top of the box with “Welcome pack” written below it. I then asked myself….what would happen to the box after everything is taken out of it? Straight away both me and my partner thought..what if the box could be made into something? A bird box? seemed do-able and sustainable. why not have crayons or other colouring utensils in the welcome pack so the people building the bird box can personalise them before placing them somewhere on the site.

An area of the campsite that makes it desirable is the star gazing area. do children appreciate the stars? I do think I did as a child but I very much do now. I think creating a simple dot 2 dot of the stars would get them to look at them. can cover a few constellations and even get them finding images in the stars.

going to create some mockups of my idea now. getting hands on and seeing if this is going to work.


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