Had my first proper Dissertation tutorial today with Ashley Morgan. While waiting for this tutorial I was fortunate to hear the person before me discussing their topic, which was also Advertising. They mentioned that they wanted to compare past and present advertising and techniques. I came to the conclusion that the angle I wanted to take with Advertising was to do with the previous project I did on….SUSTAINABILITY. 

During the field project I have just finished, one of my tutors Neil Angove explained to us that if we do not change the way we are living we won’t be around very long. He said we as designers need to help change people behaviour and that down the line all designer will have to create with sustainability in mind. I took everything Neil said to me on board and thats why I want to do my Dissertation on the matter.

Today in my tutorial Ashley suggested these points to progress on

  • Daniel Miller – Facebook
  • Exploring evidence of sustainable design – David Berman
  • Sustainability – innocent drinks – McDonald’s
  • Howies – sustainable clothing, owned now by Timberland.
  • who writes what about sustainable design?

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