The Finally of Agents of Change

I have experienced two different emotions during the Agents of Change field project. The first being Frustration, these past five weeks have been a lot to take in and its been a personal struggle in understand what it has all been about. The project has overwhelmed and challenged the way I think about social change and the environmental issues we are currently faced with. The second emotion was Fascination, I have found the Agents of Change to be extremely interesting, It has opened my mind to the bigger picture and I think it has been more beneficial than I ever could of imagined. My Idea changed throughout the duration of the project in an attempt to grasp what sustainable design was and how to apply it to my practice. Initially I worked in a group of five people with our idea to improve an element of the campsite, we proposed up-cycling used wooden pallets to create a communal area for the campers. The result would hopefully encourage those staying at Eco Camping Wales to socialise and share their environmental experiences. However I wasn’t satisfied with just this idea and wanted to challenge my own understanding on sustainable design. My Idea was a welcome/activity pack that once opened out, created a net that when put together formed a birdhouse. The reason for this was that it would be an interactive piece that could decorated by the campers, but also giving back something to the planet as they could take the bird house back home with them to place into a environment of they’re choice. I liked the idea of the pack containing seeds so that the camper can plant them around the site, as well as some activities like snap (the cards game) for the children with natural symbols. This Idea wasn’t polished but I like to think It captured the essence of what the project was all about. The welcome/activity and birdhouse idea was received well by Jeremy and Caroline. Jeremy suggested that they (the customer) after decorating the bird box took it home with them instead of placing it on the campsite. I liked this, as it would be a constant reminder of they experienced at Eco Camping Wales. They also like the seed idea, Caroline especially like the hands on approach of finding and collecting these seeds (on site) and planting them around the campsite. Not only can the campers leave something of they’re own behind but this will add to the campsite and potential transforming the look and feel overtime. The other idea, which was the up-cycled pallet communal area, was also received well with Jeremy and Caroline. Agents of Change have change my perception on society, the environmental issues we face and brought to my attention the duty and responsibility that we have to change it all.

I sincerely thank you Neil and Wendy for guiding us though this project and I want to inform you that I have decided to base my Dissertation on “Sustainable Design and Advertising” purely because of what I have learnt from this project. I hope that I can further work with both of you with my Dissertation as it would be a great help.


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