Metaphysics of a Metaphor

Due to unforeseeable circumstances I was unable to attend the full duration of this constellation option with Professor Clive Cazeaux.

He as asked me to produce a 500 word essay as it is required to pass the module. This is a reminder of everything I noted during the lectures I was a able to attend.

  • What is a Metaphor? an action and linking it with a instrument e.g. The mind is a computer.
  • A simile – her hair felt like silk. compared it with something.
  • A Metaphor is almost an over exaggeration e.g. The stock market is falling.
  • In advertising it gives an item a characteristic.
  • In Tracey Emin’s “My bed” you would be judging her by her bed. Objects always symbolise beyond themselves.
  • Did the other side of the moon exist before it was seen?
  • Science vs Philosophy.
  • realism is contrasted with idealism. e.g. “If a tree falls and no one is there to see it does it make a noise” George Berkeley. 
  • Prejudgement- do we look at its aesthetic qualities? do we look at it for the artists intentions?

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