Helvetica movie notes

  • Type is saying stuff to us all the time. typefaces express a mood, an atmosphere, they give words certain colouring.
  • Helvetic is everywhere, it feels like it comes from everywhere. its like air, its like gravity.
  • social responsibility amongst designers after the 2nd world war.
  • helvetica is described as a rational typeface.
  • you can say “I love you” in helvetica in ultra little so be classy or bold italic if you want to be passionate. you can write in helvetica to convey hate.
  • helvetica Wim Crouwel – today designers use al typefaces in favour of a different atmosphere. grids are a tool of creating order. is typography is creating order. you cant do better time with a computer but you can be quicker.
  • modernists argue neutral typefaces with not emotion that could be used on everything was the best.
  • Matthew Carter – when comparing type characters theres a lot of DNA seen between them.
  • Helvetica was originally called Neue Haas Grotesk. Helvetia is the latin name of Switzerland..the swiss typeface
  • Michael Bierut – felt so good to take something that was old, dusty and homemade and crappy looking and to replace it with helvetica. When helvetica was in full swing in the 80’s it simple and efficient
  • Erik speck – some get kicks out of looking at girls bottoms, i get these kicks from type. a real typeface needs rhythm need contrast. its air…theres no choice, you have to breath it in. argument against

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