After Life Talk

Today in the After life talks we had Sarah Garwood, she is an In House designer for Cardiff Met University.

What is an In House Designer?

A In Hourse designer is a designer that works in a team inside a corporate company.

Cons –

  • Working for a large company would involve pitching creative idea’s which would be assess and considered financially before being given the go ahead. Its a long and frustrating was of doing things.
  • People in the company you could be pitching might not understand your creative outlook on things.
  • If its for a very uncreative company and your doing the same boring thing every day it could lead to a burnout and losing passion.
  • Could be boring.
  • Could find yourself being challenged by other professions in the company on the work your producing.
  • It very structured. might sound good but I might restrict some creativity.

Pro –

  • Safe pay, No worries, Pay on time.
  • The company will look after you.
  • Get to know all sorts of people for all sorts of professions and make great connection.
  • A company usually have a small design team so you get the chance to experience all areas of the field.
  • You get holiday and sick pay.

Everything else I noted about the talk –

  • Volunteer is very useful experience.
  • Printed messages are more valued than Digital emails these days. more personal and the audience take more care with a physical item.
  • Junior designers start off at 20k + a year.
  • When applying for a design job. If you fill the requirement and state your disability you get an automatic interview.
  • Worth looking into for work experience.

Was very beneficial going to Sarah’s talk. Not to sure if it the thing for me but am not going to discard from my future option.


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