VCS Cardiff

What does VCS stand for?

  •  Voluntary Community Services.

VCS Cardiff

  •  VCS Cardiff is the operating name of Voluntary Community Service (Cymru) – a registered charity which runs the Cardiff Volunteer Centre and has been working to match potential volunteers with opportunities to help in Cardiff since 1964.

What they’re about?

  •  VCS Cardiff encourages voluntary work by all sections of the local community and supports a policy that everybody has something to offer and is able to become a valued volunteer
  • We offer a one-stop resource for information, advice and guidance on all aspects of volunteering both for volunteers of all ages and recruiting organisations.
  • There are usually more than 500 opportunities registered with VCS Cardiff at any one time, and our skilled and experienced staff help people to find placements to meet the outcomes they are looking for from their volunteering.

 They’re aims?

  • Inspire the people of Cardiff about volunteering and the positive effect it can have on their careers and other areas of life
  • Inform the community about volunteering and ensure they know where information and support can be found.
  • Work in partnership with other bodies and organisations across the sectors.
  • Maintain and develop a diverse range of volunteering opportunities from a broad range of organisations.
  • Measure the impact of VCS volunteers and celebrate their work.
  • Ensure best practice is championed with organisations we work with through the Cardiff Volunteer Co-ordinators Network and Good Practice visits.
  • Stay at the forefront of knowledge regarding volunteering.
  • The number of people choosing to volunteer in Cardiff grows each year – as do the number of opportunities to help the community – and VCS has always changed and adapted to meet the needs of the time. From typewriters & stencils to podcasts & Twitter we have been at the heart of Cardiff’s thriving community life for generations.

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