Contacting the organisation

After initially sending a brief email through to the general enquirers mail address of VCS, I decided to hunt harder to find someone I could directly talk to within the company. After searching through they’re website I discovered that the manage of VCS Cardiff was a guy called Jeremy Rees. This is the email I sent time –

Dear Jeremy Rees 

              I will start by introducing myself and why I am contacting you. My name is Andrew Roberts, I live in Cardiff and I study Graphic Communication at Cardiff School of Art & Design. I am currently undergoing a project in which I have chosen to look at volunteering. We where encouraged to find a local organisation to research and approach regarding the subject. VCS Cardiff was the obvious choice for me as it is an established organisation as well as being local. 
            If you could spare a few minutes to help by answering these questions for me I would really appreciate it. I know that some of this is on your website but I would like to here it first hand from you.
1. What is VCS Cardiff and what service’s do you deliver? 
2. What are the aims of VCS Cardiff? Preferably In order of important.
3. Who is your targeted Audience? Who you look to reach out to other audiences?
4. What is your message? sum it up in one sentence if you can.
5. How do you get the message across? Posters, Social network, etc.
5. What is the desire of your organisation?
Yours sincerely 
Andrew Roberts
Hopefully I will hear from him soon in order to progress with this project.

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