Proposal Lecture

Friday 6th March

Proposal lecture

today was basically just an overview of the proposal, PDP and literature review.

  • Who has written what about the subject your basing your dissertation on?
  • Library will be a great help. Librarian will assist you on find the right books
  • Library Loan Form can – get any book from any library or University
  • More you read the better your dissertation will be
  • Literature Review helps break your subject down
  • Must be academic mediums – Books, Papers, Ted talks
  • Proposal – 1,700 words. PDP/Blog 800 words


  • Write as much as you can for your lit review
  • Write a reflective piece for your blog
  • Try to think of a working title or research statement
  • Come to tutorials – or you will FAIL
  • Try to narrow your focus


  • Just write about what you did
  • Leave it till last minute
  • Not turn up to tutorials
  • not visit the library
  • fill your PDP/Blog with unexplained picture

After being reminded of the Proposal and Dissertation guidelines we where paired up and told to discuss the subject of interest for our diss. I found that talking about my subject to someone really got idea’s going. Possible angles were realised. Seeing now how broad my Subject Sustainability in Design was, which is a good thing i guess. Already found a load of research on it, just need to focus my idea.

Things I picked up in this discussion

  • Could compare companies behaviour from the last 10 years(maybe longer) to now?
  • Talk about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs? Self Transcendence being at the top.
  • Advertising Strategies with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs?
  • Are companies changing their ways to save the planet or for their appearance?
  • We will have to change the way we are or there wont be a world left
  • Every designer will have to design with sustainability in mind

These are all potential idea’s. Better get reading


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