Rhys Thomas

  • Male
  • Age 20
  • Lives in Cardiff


  • Rhys lives on the outskirts if the city centre in Grangetown. Grangetown is a community in the south of Cardiff, capital of Wales. It is one of the largest districts in the south of the city and is bordered by Riverside.
  • He lives with his with mother
  • The area is mainly made up of Terraced houses, Off license’s, Cafe’s and small shops.

Demographic & Socio-Economic  

  • Rhys left Fitzalan High School, Grangetown, Straight after is GCSE’s.
  • He passed enough subject to get into Cardiff and Vales College, where he decided to a 3 year course in Carpentry.
  • Rhys finished 2 years ago gaining a qualification in Carpentry
  • He has been looking for a job for the last 2 year and is currently on job seekers allowance(which goes straight to his parents)
  • He lives in a small 3 bedroom Terraced house
  • His dad who is 50, works night shift in Tesco, so he hardly ever see’s him as he sleeps in the day and his more mum 55 just stays at home watching her favourite sitcoms. She got made redundant 5 years ago and hasn’t worked since. Rhys has one old sister called Sara.
  • His relationship with parents isn’t great. They leaving him to do his own thing, hardly speak to him and offer him no support.
  • Sara aged 25, moved to London when she was 20 to study fine art in Goldsmiths, University of London.
  • He was pretty close to her and was saddened when she left.


  • If Rhys isn’t in his room playing his xbox(an old games console) he is out with his football, looking for anyone on his street to play with.
  • He has very few friends, and they all play football. Unfortunate for him they all play for a club. Rhys would be too if his parents would give him money for the membership, subs and boots. One of the reasons he isn’t close to his parents.


  • Rhys is shy, unsocial and not very confident with his abilities.
  • He finds it hard to talks to girls except online, But he never meets any of them.
  • Despite being shy, Rhys has a good laugh when he see’s his friends for a kick about or to play some xbox in his room.
  • Rhys is well mannered but does swear often.
  • Due to the relationship with his parents, Rhys find it very hard to open up to anyone and to trust them.

Product Related

  • He has a bottom of the range phone.
  • Rhys isn’t to bothered about what we wears as he has no say, his mother buys him his very few clothes.
  • He would like Nike sports wear and has been wanting a pair of Nike football boots for years.


  • Rhys wants a job, any job so he can buy the things he wants and to play football for his friends club.
  • He wishes he could meet for people and even a girl.
  • He unfortunately has no drive or anyone help is needs.

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