D&AD White pencil

I found another great resource for my dissertation today in the D&AD. The D&AD (Design and Art Direction) is a British charity which promote excellence in design and advertising. In which I stumbled upon The White Pencil award.

What is this White pencil?

Advertising that seeks to build brands and businesses by doing good. The client can be a neighbourhood brand or global commercial brand. ‘We do well by doing good’ Lord Leverhulme. What can I enter? Both advertising or marcomms campaigns and individual executions. What else do I need to know? Entries have to demonstrate positive social impact, the capacity to change behaviour and a sensitivity to sustainability issues across research, development and implementation” D&AD

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 17.14.29

As well as being able to research The white pencil award, D&AD do a “‘Good’ Campaign of the week”. Each Monday together with Branding Magazine they highlight a new campaign/project from across the globe that demonstrates a positive social message with innovation at its heart, that showcasing the brands and businesses using creativity to do well by doing good.​

This week they are looking at the “Ryman’s Alphabet poster” project that I have previously written about. The good thing is that they allow you to look at every “‘Good’ Campaign of the week”. this give me a lot to read, I guess thats not a bad thing.

I found this quote great, really sums up the role of a designers in this era.

The work you put out there can either help make the world a better place or add to the ignorance. This responsibility is yours: What we need are big hearts and big ideasThomas Kolster (Author, speaker, International expert in sustainable communication and founder of  The Goodvertising Agency & WhereGoodGrows)


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