My design solutions for a campaign to encourage people to volunteer. some regular, some bold, some heavy!

Lets work our way to the Heavy ones.


A poster campaign.

  • Creating a variety of different posters aimed at the different audiences that they want to attract.
  • Could be a different colours/styles/themes to match the target audience.
  • Could be placed strategically for the right audience.

Creating a campaign use “Action Gating” as a strategy? or “Like Gating”.

“Action-gating is when you ask users to do something (like vote or share a piece information about themselves) in order to get something (like an extra entry into a contest or access to a promotion) from your brand. It’s the give-to-get concept that we’re so fond of.” socially stacked

“Like-gating is a practice that has been around since the dawn of Facebook. Way back in the day, Facebook used to allow brands to Like-gate nearly their entire Page.” and example of this is –

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 12.32.30

A #Hashtag or Social media nomination campaign.

  • Trending is a massive part of adverting or getting a the word out these days.
  • The ice-bucket challenge is an example of social media nomination campaign and it went viral.

A series of info graphic poster physical and digital informing the view of the truths of volunteering.

“If it was for volunteers” campaign 


Creating a campaigning manipulating quotes on volunteering that famous people have said.

  • Doesn’t have to manipulate the quotes but could.
  • Could have a catch line attached after the quote e.g. “America can be great again, its down to the people” Barrack Obama – So can Cardiff

A Poster/Billboard campaign that strategically places two ads together to back up the message e.g.


  • Maybe it could be a job applicant requiring that volunteering is needed for the job – next to a poster for VCS Cardiff with the info for advertising?
  • Maybe a picture of someone not getting the job with a catch like “No experience, No work” – next to a VCS Cardiff poster saying “Volunteer for work”?
  • This idea has loads of creative potential.


Set up in the middle of town a interactive piece

  • Could be a race for a few people that at the end revels something along the lines “Thank you for volunteering”.

Stage an event that get people to volunteer without realising it

  • Could be staged to tricking people to volunteer before they realise what the campaign is for.

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