Who has already done what I intend to do?

So who has created campaigns for volunteering and how?

Found this clever yet very simple campaign created to encourage people to volunteer in Australia.

Melbourne_Work_Seek_Volunteer to Promote Volunteering-thumb-400x224-146656

Winning an impressive three IAB Australia Award categories, the ‘Volunteer to Promote Volunteering’ campaign by Leo Burnett Melbourne for Seek Volunteer was a sleek end-to-end solution that walked the talk of its client. Like many success stories, ‘Volunteer to Promote Volunteering’ had a simple core idea that was bought to life by precise, authentic and bold execution. Despite the meagre budget, nearly every modern communication channel was used to communicate Seek Volunteer’s message to Australians. Most importantly, the act of volunteering their social media space inspired people to volunteer for the charities that needed their help. ‘Volunteer to Promote Volunteering’ was a worthy winner of the ‘Brand Awareness and Positioning’, ‘Direct Response and Lead Generation’ and the ‘Not for Profit/Public Service’ categories.


SEEK Volunteer claim that after the campaign, awareness of volunteering rose from roughly 17% to around 34%. A total of 24,211 new volunteers had registered with charities, 20,840 more than projected before the campaign was scheduled.

I really did like the simplicity and versatility of the ‘Volunteer to promote volunteering’. It was so successful due to social media and thats some that I’ve got to really consider.


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