The route to a sustainable future – TED Talk

After watching my first TED(Technology, Entertainment, Design) Talk in about a year(which was a talk by the one and only Stefan Sagmeister), I decided to search for TED Talks on Sustainability. I found a great one by Alex Steffen called ‘The route to a sustainable future’. 

Notes I took

  • We’re apparently using up to five planets worth of resources.
  • If we continue living the way we do we would need about ten planets.
  • Our planet is being used in wildly unfair ways.
  • A third of the people on Earth are children.
  • What are we looking for? The bright green city!
  • The biggest way to change the worlds attitude is by changing the cities.
  • Creating cities that are denser and more liveable.
  • Vancouver is a great example of this and are doing better than any other city/country. Their talking North American out of driving cars.
  • Growth management.
  • Cities that have a line between themselves and nature, to which nothing can be touched on the nature side of the line.
  • We can now build buildings that can generate its own electricity and recycle its own water.
  • a great example of this is the Beddington zero energy development in London.
  • We need leapfrogging.
  • Film to watch – City of God.
  • ‘Food Forest’ is a game to teach children how to run a refugee camp.
  • A company called Roundabout created a merry go round in a 3rd world country, that pumps water while kids play on it.
  • Landmine detecting plant? Yes theres a plant that once you’ve thrown the seed on to the ground, its roots grown and if they come into contact with a landmine, the plant re-acts and turns red.

Ecological footprint      Ecological footprint.

English_Bay,_Vancouver,_BC     Vancouver, Canada.

BedZED_2007     The Beddington zero energy development in London.


The Landmine detecting plant.

“The tools we use to change the world, ought to be beautiful in themselves” Alex Steffen

“all of the past is the beginning of a beginning; all that the human mind has accomplished but is the dream before the awakening” H.G.Wells


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