Tutorial 17/03/15

First question I was asked was, “What do you want to get from this?” I wanted someone else’s opinion, as I have a tendency of becoming caught up in my own idea. My idea of the paired posters(where one was a problem and the other a solution) was well received. The execution of this idea was where the problem lied. The way I had envisioned the posters was thought of as being too obvious or set up. It was suggested that I look at ways that the solution poster was placed under the problem poster, which half of this was ripped away to reveal the essential information of the solution poster? Can’t guaranty that doesn’t make any sense. We discussed the means of the problem poster being more real. e.g. a newspaper article. of a story where ‘someone could of died of’ or an article stating ‘That there are an average of 100 people applying per job’. And then the solution poster being very brief with little text and getting the info across quickly. The last thing is, which three area’s of volunteering I need to aware people of.

  • Lonely people(whether old or hospitalised that could be left with nothing or nobody).
  • Those that are struggling to get a job or want to get an advantage over others.
  • groups/organisations that need volunteers help.

We have our last tutorial for this project a week today, and it’s essential that we bring printed or digital outcomes. Plenty to get on with.


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