Thursday feedback

Thursday 26th March

It was our final group crit and last day of our Persuasion project. In small groups(ours lead by Ian) we took turns to talk about your Campaign. I was happy to achieve what I did in the two day’s that I had to put things together. All this was due to having receiving bad feedback on the idea’s I had been working on prior to Tuesday’s tutorial. I discussed my campaign which comprised of the video, leaflet and poster.

This was the feedback I received

  • Poster should contain more info. it was too vague. and could contain the fact and motivation which is mentioned in the leaflet.
  • The fact the VCS is in Cardiff wasn’t really visible on either the poster or leaflet. It needs to be one of the first thing your informed of.
  • The video was a little flat. music needs to be sorted or could have a voice over. will more time, this video can be better created on Adobe After effect or similar software.
  • The information on the back of the leaflet wasn’t bold or big enough.

Despite the project finishing, we have until June to make all the adjustments, not only for our submission but the show we’re putting on before we break up for summer.


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