Lucy Mclaughlan

Read a great report in December 2014 issue of Art and Culture magazine Juxtapoz


Entitled WE ARE THE INTERVENTIONISTS : Lucy McLauchlan goes into the woods written by Evan Pricco(Editor-In-Chief and Web Editor of Juxtapoz)

The report talks about her recent project Marking Shadows which was shown from 19th September – 18th October 2014, Lazarides Rathbone in London.

Marking Shadows


Why this interested me?

I saw Lucy as a great Artist to include in my Dissertation. Her recent work is heavily influenced by nature and the increasing need of change things. Lucy creates site-specific works that seamlessly fit into their environment, Where natural textures feature and natural shapes appear in her pieces.

Lucy McLauchlan is a fine artist from Birmingham, England and is part of

Lucy McLauchlan: Holding Onto Fragments Of Past Memories

Post Making ShadowsI focused on one specific area of urban woodland in the uk near Birmingham where I painted all my works. These works are simply an exploration of human’s mark on nature, therefor my mark, and a celebration of this woodland before it one day becomes developed land” Lucy McLauchlan

another great line from this report – “We may not own the earth, but it’s about time we take an active interest in its futureEvan Pricco.


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