Digital Me

27/04/15 3rd and final module.

Digital Me

There are 3 sections to this module

  • Online presents
  • CV and Supporting Emails
  • Portfolio

As well as these we have the opportunity to develop and polish our previous project for the level 5 show at the end of May.

Things that I noted down that are relevant to this module

  • Who is the designer?
  • Who are you?
  • What motivates you?
  • Confidence
  • Learning how to use design technology to promote yourself
  • Do not create your own logo
  • Design Mindfulness
  • Graphic designer’s skills
  • To develop your key professional skills
  • A deeper awareness of our responsibility as a designer
  • you have 6 seconds of a professional person’s attention to make an impression
  • Workshop with Clive Flowers
  • After Life – Tom Lloyd of Bluegg this Thursday

Once I finish my Dissertation Proposal I’ll be all over this!


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