“Do good design” review

I truly admire both authors for this eye opening book, it has given me the motivation and ammo not only to successful but to enjoy my Dissertation.

Photo on 28-04-2015 at 11.14


Author of the book David B. Berman is a strategic consultant with 30 years experience in universal design thinking. His book “Do good design” alerts us to the role design plays in persuading global audiences to fulfil invented needs. The book then outlines a sustainable approach to both the practice and the consumption of design. All professionals will be inspired by the message of how we can feel better and do better while holding onto our principles. David talks about how Design creates so much of what we see, what we use, and what we experience. In a time of unprecedented environmental, social, and economic crises, designers must now choose what their young profession will be about: deploying weapons of mass deception or helping repair the world. “ Designers have enormous power to influence how we see our world, and how we live our lives,”. While “Do Good Design” delves into serious subject matter such as consumerism and its impact on the environment, global economy and society, This book is a light and delightful romp with somber message for designers: “Our occupation may not be the highest-paying profession, but our power and influence has increased and with it our responsibility”


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