Social Media & Tone of Voice

05/05/15 Social Media & Tone of Voice Lecture


What do we mean by Social media? basically anything we use only that has our profile and we socialise on e.g. comment, share, like, etc.

The sites I am on are –

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Behance
  • wordpress
  • pinterest
  • Linkedin

I mostly use Twitter and Facebook, while my blog is on WordPress, portfolio is one Behance, Moodboard’s are on Pinterest and we I haven’t got into Linkedin yet.

I use Facebook to socialise with my friends, while Twitter I use more to network and finding inspiration. I put myself on twitter as a designer but I also state my passion for sports and other stuff. I want to come across as bring normal and approachable, but at the same time, passionate and proactive about my area of study. my twitter and blog are connected. On Twitter I follow Design studios, Designers/artist’s, Design/Art magazines, Sports(mainly golf, football and Winter sports), and a whole load of Art/Photography/Design things.

Today we were told that 45% of potential employers will check your Facebook? not sure if thats fair or not. I feel open to say what I wont on their because It’s only for my friends to see. I would be the same as them asking to check the messages you send to your mates.

We discussed the importance of an accurate and effective social network personal description, Which also stood out amongst people similar to you in your field. It’s not just about using big words, Its not about using the same typical words as everyone else or is it about make false accusations. In order to write a fitting personal statement you need to be true to yourself, express whats niche about you and find the balance of being professional and approachable(depending on your audience)

Also our social networks are part of our brand and should fit in and the same feel.

Really interesting lecture from Olwen today.


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