8th May Confidence workshop with Clive Flowers


Clive Flowers is an award winning writer, director and actor. He also possesses a Welsh BAFTA for Photography.

see his profile here –

and Vimeo portfolio –

I admit I wasn’t expecting it to be anything like it was, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was deep and insightful, yet fun and interesting.

It taught us –

  • To be comfortable in our own skin
  • How to make a great first impression with the perfect handshake
  • Our body language
  • How to acknowledge our inner voice and not to fight it, but reason with it instead
  • Learning how to calm ourselves with breathing techniques like 7/11 as well as 3min space exercise
  • How to properly listen

Plus many more lessons and exercises on confidence.

Being quite reluctant myself to giving a presentation in front of an audience, really valued Clive for coming in and shared with us what we knows. Hopefully he will come back to our university soon.


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