Expanding on Alex Steffen’s Ted Talk

Alex Steffen voices that Cities need to be the mean focus of change/development if we are to reverse the effects of climate change on this urbanising planet, with an ever-growing population. He enlightens us with just a handful of solutions with hundreds more mentioned in his book Worldchanging: a guide for the 21st century, some are being used, other being put in practice right now while other solutions will be a certain in changing the way we design cities. In a urbanising world we must “reweaving the urban fabric that we already have” (Alex Steffen). We must create denser cities so to make essential places(e.g. supermarkets, hospital, etc) more accessible without having to travel a great distance, thus not needing a car. Alex also talks about the surplus capacities(the access of the capacity of things), for instance if Paul has a digger that he uses once a year to turn up his garden, then why can’t others use this digger during the great amount of time he doesn’t? this instead of having to buy their own digger which would lead to the same scenario.

Alex also touches upon Urban Retrofitting(see picture below) and utilising space. We need to stop building while their is space that can be used just a well.

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 18.31.34


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