Real World

Real World live project 

28th September

First day back and we’re straight back into it. We start by being briefed about the project, which is being run by Wendy, and is called Real Work. Wendy ran the Agents of Change project I did it last year so I’m familiar with her. and I enjoyed working under her. Real World is a live project which means that we’ll be working with a real client, in this case its Cynnal Cymru.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 23.05.39

Cynnal Cymru is the leading organisation for sustainable development in Wales. Based in an old Victorian building in Cardiff Bay, there aim is to offer support cross-sector, across Wales. We also offer help and advice beyond the boundaries of Wales.

There mission is to make Wales a Sustainable Nation: Safe, Strong, Fair.

Cynnal Cymru History 

After the briefing from Wendy the client’s came in to talk to us, both vaguely as a whole about Cynnal Cymru and then in our groups. The project has us divided into six group and we where given different topics from Cynnal Cymru, this mean’t that each group had 1/2 clients. The six groups where –

  • Cynnal Cymru Awards
  • Cynnal Cymru Training
  • Wales Rugby Union
  • Natural Resources Wales
  • Glamorganshire County Cricket
  • Climate Change Commission

We got given Cynnal Cymru awards

Many people and organisations in Wales are doing great things under the umbrella of sustainable development. It is the intention of Cynnal Cymru-Sustain Wales to highlight this, to praise the achievements and showcase good practice and as such announce that the Sustain Wales Awards coincide with European Sustainability Week.

Our Challenge is to encourage People and organisations from all walks of life to enter the awards. To encourage businesses and organisations to sponsor the awards.

This Was just the morning. Hello third year.

In the afternoon the client’s left and we did some creative exercises with Wendy. She had us (in our groups) think about our values both good and bad, although this was done individually, then we discussed them in our groups and compared. With these values in mind we individually created short personas (covering their personal details, technological preferences, work, hobbies). Once we had the four persona’s, in our group we had to think of a quick design solution for The Awards but taking into consideration how we can communicate our idea to all of persona’s. We then had to present (knew we’d end up doing a presentation on the first day) our idea and reason behind it. I thought it was a good exercise and really got us thinking about how we reach a wider range of audiences.


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