Creative brief

Creative Brief

Following yesterdays overwhelming briefing of the project, by both Wendy and the client, we had a look at the creative brief. The creative brief is for the client and explains that we understand what they need from us, that we can see an angle that they are missing, our plan off action and what we hope to achieve by it.

The question the creative brief contained: 

– Background / Overview

– Objective. What is the goal of the campaign?

– Target audience: who are we talking to?

– What’s the most important thing to say or show?

– What are the most compelling reasons to believe, to try, to buy in?

– Phases of creative development.

– Schedule: What do we need from the creative team, and when do we need it?

Before we could answer these we have questions there was a few things we need to know, like:

What exactly does our clients want to achieve?

– we need contact the client to find out. we have a rough idea but it’s a little vague and we need it to be more focused

Who is the intended audience?

– once we know exactly what they want to achieve then we can focus our target audience.


In the Afternoon we learned about Stakeholders.

Stakeholders are anyone that is involved in the project, in our case it’s anyone that can be asociated with Cynnal Cymru Awards, As a research technique companies often carry out Stakehold analysis. Not only does it help on distinguishing the audience but it’s saves time (which is money).

– Environmentalist/Futurists

– Welsh people and communities

– Business owners

– Companies and organisations

– Awards organisers and participants

– business students/lectures

– Social network

I was really surprised to see how many different people, that we hadn’t considered before, where involved. One of the other reasons for finding out who the stakeholders are in your project is that you’ll be able to distinguish who of your audience have power. having this information helps can tell you who to monitor when producing your, campaign for instance, those of your stakeholders that have more power e.g. Communities, can influence the progress of your campaign.


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