Creative Brief ready for client

In a previous post I expressed how we as a group where getting slightly frustration due to not knowing exactly what the clients want, with not very long left to finish the Creative Brief. On Friday we arranged to meet up with Katie Beverley, our mentor on this project, to discuss this so that we can reach our first milestone. There where two thing that we had to consider. The first being what we wanted to achieve, the goals of our project, when reviewing our brief it was apparent that Cynnal Cymru awards want to do two things. They wanted to promote the awards to those who where unaware or even uninterested, and they wanted to increase the number of sponsors. The Second thing was that with the awards less than 7 weeks away, and 2 weeks away after our final pitch to the client, we had to decide whether to focus on a short effective campaign for this coming awards, or a legacy project that would go past these awards and work for next year’s. We decided for the creative brief to keep with what they wanted, which was to promote the awards and to look for new sponsors, and to go for the legacy project. With the Creative brief finished we sent it off to Wendy, so she could look at it before we sent it off to the client.


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