Client response to Creative Brief

In an emailed response to the creative brief, our client Lynsey Jackson tells us that even tho we’ve understood the basics, our solution/goals, etc. where a little vague and it would be better if we could be more focused on an idea/solution. She bullet pointed some area’s where we can focus on.

  • The applications process brought in 63 really strong applications mainly from known organisations within our networks so reaching out the the smaller businesses as you suggested would be good. Our challenge is how we use these stories to promote Cynnal Cymru throughout the year to raise our profile, recruit members and ultimately feed into next years awards. What are the opportunities for these stories?
  • The judging process was relatively low key but could be better utilised to draw in bigger name judges as well as using this to draw in sponsors.
  • The vote has been relatively successful and self driven but maybe isn’t as fair as it could be, as some organisation like universities have bigger voting power than a local school in the same category. Also due to time/ money constraints we have done very little to promote the vote which was intentional as we have utilised the strength of our networks and shortlisters to self promote. How might we better provide tools and resources for the vote campaign to reach wider audiences? You might want to look at #specialplaces campaign with the National Trust or the 2degrees network awards. 10:10 campaign has some fantastic resources too, not necessarily for an Awards but I like there appraoch.
  • Sponsorship ideally needs to bring in 20-25K through a range of sponsorship packages. Much of the sponsorship this year has been achieved through known contacts and supporters but how do we reach out further to tell our story and also demonstrate the sponsorship has value? Again this may link to good storytelling.
  • The winners – how do we best celebrate and share stories to ensure this years winners and sponsors become ambassadors for the awards next year and feel really valued and supported?

Some other points to keep in mind

  • The Awards need to make a profit to be sustainable, whether this is sponsorship, ticket sales or leads to membership.
  • We have limited budgets/ time for these awards so collaborating, co-producing or utilising open source software are just some of the ways we can enable the awards to happen.

We have a group tutorial with Wendy tomorrow which we’ll use to discuss the points Lynsey made. We’re also trying to arrange a meeting with Lynsey this week after she said she’d happily meet us in the Cardiff Millennium Centre (where the awards are going to be held) to discuss the brief and to get a sense of the magnitude of the awards.


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