Tutorial and interviewing stakeholders

Tutorial with Wendy

This morning we had a group tutorial with Wendy, which gave us the opportunity to discuss the feedback we got from the client Yesterday. Like I stated in my last blog post ‘clients response to creative brief’ the client was concerned that we where unfocused and needed to pick a specific goals for our campaign. Discussing this with Wendy helped and it was a relief to have some guidance before meeting up with the client tomorrow.


The rest of the day we decided to interview some stakeholders. Olwen Moseley and Wendy Keay-Bright have both been to award ceremonies, being involved with organising them, and both being in the vicinity of the university was ideal. Isabela and myself interviewed Olwen, who we knew as being one of our course tutors before becoming the Dean of CSAD( Cardiff School of Art and Design) this year, who was happy to spare us her time. We asked her a number of questions about her experiences at awards, things she found memorable, what she took away, how she was invited, etc.

Notes from the interview with Olwen

  • Awards are a measure of esteem and success.
  • social network > than paper, when advertising/ spreading awareness, especially as our client ‘Cynnal Cymru’ covers all of Wales, not to mention the paper waste and financial costs.
  • When asked about the ‘take ways’ she’d received from participating in award ceremonies, she’s always found them to be disappointing and wasteful.
  • Things that can be used e.g. a mug, she found found more appealing that things that are useless e.g. medals.

Notes from the interview with Wendy

  • Wendy also expressed the esteem of being nominated for a award.
  • Recognition was mentioned quite a lot, not so much the individual but the team and company/organisation.
  • Also suggested that social media would be a smarter way of spreading the world, and more sustainable.

I also recorded the interview.


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