Meeting with Lynsey Jackson

13:00 Cardiff Millennium Centre at the public Glanfa Stage

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 16.28.22

Meeting Lynsey Jackson

Despite turning up 10 minutes late, Her not us, the meeting went well. We went in to the Ffresh, which is a really nice restaurant in the Centre, and sat down in one of the booths. When the pleasantries where over we got down to business, by this I mean we revealed a sheet of our ideas and started to discuss them. Lynsey was quite receptive to our ideas and liked a lot of them. She agree that it would be more beneficial to do a legacy project that would be aimed at promoting next years awards. The Legacy board, which will be a massive board/sheet that people get to writing on during the awards, was liked a lot by Lynsey. She also like the idea of the recognition badges, these badges we compared to ‘Blue Peter Badges’, and would be recognised as being part of something bigger than just an individual winning an awards, we plan on dishing out a load of these badges for the companies/participates to share with there colleges and family’s as a sign or recognition. When it came to the items in our take away pack she said it would be a good idea to get companies that themselves where doing good, and local. she suggested nomnom chocolate, whom cocoa is always sourced from a signle region and is created in a small kitchen in west Wales.


Overall Lynsey gave the impression that the idea we presented her with where following the brief and ticking the correct boxes. What she advised us to do next was expand on each individual idea, looking at the financial costs and materials of creating them, e.g. the bag, would it be pastic? bio-degradable? size? cost? from where?, etc. she also gave us some useful tips and advice on our presentation and our material.


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