Dissertation deconstruction

I have read and research a lot over the summer but I just can’t, when asked, say what my dissertation will be about or what I want to achieve or discover or reveal. If I go back to the the core subject, which is the environment, and why I chose it then maybe I can get to the root of question. I came from doing Agents of Change, the field project I participated in last year on sustainability, inspired and curious on the subject. I learned the importance that the world has to change when Neil Angove, a tutor on our course, explained that if we don’t turn things around the world and the human legacy will end in a generation. To paraphrase Neil ‘If as a designer we don’t get on board with sustainable design, we will be left behind’. This was what hit me and I knew then I couldn’t avoid the subject. A dissertation is mean’t to inform you and I wanted to learn more and as much as I can about sustainable design. First I evaluated every I had learn’t during Agents of Change like Consumerism, material waste, capitalism and design ethics. Over summer I wanted to learn as much as could by reading as many books on the environment that involved design. The first book i read was David Bermans’ Do Good Design which was about Ethical design and the responsibility of the designer. I read William McDonough and Michael Braungarts’ book Cradle to Cradle about material, to expand on that it was about the types of materials, the bad and good, material waste and up & down cycling. Theres Mike Berners-Lees’ book on the Cardon Footprint on everything How bad are bananas, which reveals the true/full carbon emissions of anything from a Banana to the manufacturing of a vehicle. I skimmed through(very long book) Erik Steffens’ Worldchanging: A guide for the 21st century This book looks at design solutions in an ever growing and urbanising world. Then there’s the most recent book I’ve read Naomi Kleins’ This Changes Everything that is the politics that surrounds environmental action and Environment vs Economy.

So as you can see I’ve covered a few topics. I know they all relate to each other, I’ve just got to work out what I want to achieve by doing this academic essay. Once I know I can plan the chapters and I can get writing.


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