Pre-presentation with client

Pre-presentation with client

Tomorrow we have to do a short presentation for our client, the other clients and..well everyone. Our plan today is to finalise and familiarise ourself with our ideas so when we pitch it to the Lynsey and she asks us questions we have everything covered. The tutorial with Matt this morning helps but I think as a group we need to talk about how our ideas are used in context of the event. I really liked my idea of the ‘take away’ that turned into a plant pot and grew into an awards, but I don’t think is do-able when theres over 200 people at the awards. Imagine if everyone had one of these custom boxes? although its definitely something I will discuss with the client after our presentation. We talked about the badges and how they will be solid and made of quality materials that’ll last for a long time. But if we’re handing out 200+ of these then the cost is going to amount and again this may become unrealistic. What I’m getting at is that if it’s down to us then we must be realistic about what we can achieve, but if its our ideas that Lynsey and Cynnal Cymru take forward then we can be more ambitious. This is something we will have to find out tomorrow.


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