Post Presentation Feedback

Post Presentation Feedback

After our short presentation we had invited Lynsey over to our space to discuss our ideas in more detail. This was a more casual affair, we sat on the comfy seats on our floor and elaborated our concepts. Lynsey seem really happy with the progress we had made since we meet up with her last Friday. She gave us individual feedback for each of our ideas

The legacy board

  • She like the idea of it being something that could be shown at year awards, something timeless
  • physical sculpture vs a flat boards. she was draw towards the idea of a physical tree.
  • Whether you write a message on it or sign it. Lynsey suggested the idea of it being the way the particapts sign in at the door when entering the awards.
  • She was concerned of how it will be managed during the awards, she gave and example of how children had put these leaves on something at a past awards, and as a result there was leaves everywhere.

The badges

  • How many would we be giving out? Just the winners?
  • What materials
  • How much would it cost? for different types of badges
  • Digital

Recognition cards

  • When during the event should it happen?
  • How? paper ballads? online?
  • Graphics and information
  • Incentive

Campaign + photo frame

  • The imagery on the frame. needs to be inviting to the guests.
  • How it would try into social networks

Summery of Client feedback

Lynsey gave us plenty to think about and to work on this coming week. She also gave us plenty of material references, which was great. What she’d like us to do now is look at the financial expenses of our ideas, to research what materials and to source out companies that can produce them. It’s also important that these are Welsh company and that our ideas are executed in a sustainable way.


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