Group work

I’ve talked quite a lot about this project, but I haven’t touched upon the progress of the group and how we’re getting along. Even thou we’re getting marked individually its imperative that we work as a group. We need to if we’re going to produce a strong end result, this we can only do if we use each others strengths and experience. I’ve taken the responsibility of leading the group which means I’ve been accountable for messaging the client/mentor, getting the group together and sharing the work load out. The only thing that has been frustrating is the lack of attendance from Dana, in she’s been ill a lot. Working with Chris and Isabela has been great, we’ve had plenty of contact time over the course of the project and made a real rapport. When Dana isn’t able to attend it’s just hard to keep her up to date on everything. We’re at an important time in the project with only two weeks remaining, so if we are going to get the most out of the group and this project then we’ll need everyone to be present for every lectures, workshops, team meetings, and tutorials.


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