Dissertation structure

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve focus and put all my energy into our Real World project. Doing this has put me on the back foot of my dissertation and despite feeling confident about it over summer, I feeling lost and intimidated by the thoughts of starting it. I am honestly extremely interested and passionate about the subject, I just can’t bring myself to start it. One of the problems I face is not knowing exactly what I’m writing about. Today, the day before my second dissertation tutorial of the semester with Ashely Morgan, I tell myself I must figure out what I want to achieve with this diss. I decided on this…

Title (which obviously can be changed)

  • Designing a better world/planet/earth
  • Urban meets Rural half way? green cities?
  • Designers create so much of the world we live in, so ,why can’t/how can, they re-design the world/ we live in.
  • Designers have far more power than they realise

Chapter 1 – Global warming? Planetary Crisis?

maybe 2,000 words on Global warming

  • whats causing it
  • statistics
  • diagrams
  • history
  • effects
  • future

Chapter 2 – The rise and dominance of design 3,000 words

  • History of design – propaganda to industrial revalution to now
  • Important movements
  • consumerism + capitalism
  • Transparency

Chapter 3 – Tackling capitalism and redesigning the world about 3,000 words

  • Tackling capitalism and consumerism
  • Transparency and ethical design
  • environment vs economy politics(ggrrr)
  • design solutions and breakthroughs

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