Success Exercise

Matt asked us to where we’d like to be in 18months? (although realistically this is my 3 year plan).

I’d like to be living in either America or Canada. I was thinking of Vancouver, Canada as I’ve heard it’s an amazing & green city. Or somewhere in America (not sure where). I read a lot on American Art & Culture and it really inspires me (I see myself as a closet American). My motto is life and adventure > work. I would still like to be designing so I’d be doing freelance on the side. I’m not too bothered about where and what I live in but I’d like to live somewhere not too concrete. I’d have a part time just to get by.

What gets in the way of this?

Leaving my friends and family behind. Taking a massive risk. Money

How do I over come that?

Save up, Research destinations, make sacrifices.

When I read out what I thought success for myself in 18 months time looked like it sounded silly, especially when others in the class manly said things like settling into a design job and working 5 days a week or having  a nice house and security. Really got me thinking about the future.


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