What does SUCCESS look like

Today we had an interesting lecture by Matt called What does success look like. This talk wasn’t specifically relevant to the project and was in fact intentionally irrelevant. This was kind of refreshing and nice to step away from the pressure of the project. I say it wasn’t relevant, well it was, as in Matt talked to us about the Real World. I spent more time listening during this lecture so I’ve just got essential notes. I’ll try and expand on them.

  • Don’t ever give away your skills for free.
  • Our idea of success vs the Clients idea of success.
  • 20% of every hour you work is wasted, also nothing takes an hour instead it usually takes 15mins more.
  • S.M.A.R.T Specific – Measurable – Assignable – Realistic – Time related.
  • your creative time and controlled time should be balanced.
  • Designers offer three types of business. Time – Quality – Cost. One of these will always suffer. e.g. If you have a short term project which means it’ll be cheaper for the client then the quality will most likely suffer.
  • Difference between Art and Design? Design is a service, in serving a client, while art starts off as being for ones self but can be a service(commissioned art).
  • As students we undervalue our skills. Special when it comes to financial.
  • Design is a creative explosion inside boundaries.

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