Concluding week/milestone 4

Friday team meeting 

Today we arrange to in Uni to sort out a few things and with project finishing in a week today its vital that we nail things now! Been guilty of leaving things to last minute but I don’t want this to happen to our group. The plan was to go to the FabLab to get some quotes and info on materials so that we could fill in the Budgeting plan.

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 15.40.03 Budget plan

Unfortunately the FabLab was shut today, But we managed to get some information off reception and a contact to email over the weekend. Still, we had a go at filling the budget plan. It has been really interesting learning this week/project how much we’re likely to earn as professional designers. Wendy told us we could be on £500-600 a day and after scanning the web for more info it turns out that on average a designer earns between £20-30 an hour. Happy with that and like Matt said yesterday about us under estimating our skills and ability.

After doing the budget plan we talked about creating story boards for our ideas that we can also could present in the final presentation Friday. Between us we shared the work load out and finished at the for the day. we also need to get quotes from print companies for the recognition cards.


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