Presentation Prep

Final Tutorial with Wendy

In our tutorial with Wendy we went discussed how we’d give our final presentation. She started by talking about the journey of the idea where we told here about creating storyboards for them. We went through our ideas in the context to when they’d be used in the Awards e.g. the legacy tree will be used in the at the start of the night as a registration for the guests, while the frame will be used throughout the night but the idea doesn’t stop there because the pictures will go to social networks. Not sure how we came to talking about this, but we started talking about possibly dressing up for the presentation, we also talked about presenting our physical prototypes and other materials on a table that’d been dressed like an awards ceremony. This also made me think about making the presentation more interactive with the audience e.g. to show how the frame works we could hold it and get someone on the front row to take a picture of us, this picture could of been taken before, we go on from there demonstrating the journey of that idea. One of the ideas we we’re to sure about is the Recognition cards, not the idea but when it happens during the event. There is the possibility of them being handed out at the door before people leave and they can then place them in a box which will be under the tree? or they could be placed on the seats and a box could come around?

List of our ideas

– Legacy tree

– #SustainWalesAwards or #GwobauCynnalCymru Frame – social network – Twitter/Facebook/CynnalCymru

– Recognition cards

– Badges

– Digital badges

Plan for this week

  • Organise the presentation
  • Get the costings estimates for the badges/frame/tree from the FabLab and cards from Zenith Media.
  • Sort out mock-ups
  • set up our table
  • meet our mentor

Let this stressful week come at us!


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