Presentation structure

The Presentation

We discussed and agreed that the presentation would go in this order

– Welcome to the Awards x2 Slides introducing ourselves & our message

– walk through entering the awards and the legacy tree x2 Slides

–  Photo frame. First Slide – back drop and photo is taken of us by someone on the front row. Second Slide – our picture appears. Third Slide – Demonstrating is going on social networks e.g. Twitter or Facebook.

– Recognition Cards, We announce them like they would on the night of the awards, placing them on all the seats on the front row x2 Slides First Slide – being the cards Second Slide – Showing an example of a company receiving an emails congratulating them on being nominated by someone at the awards. could even become a new category in the awards.

– Badges x2 Slides First Slide – The idea behind the badges, designs and journey. Digital badges x4 Slides First Slide – The design, Next three slides – Use of the digital badges in context – shown on a website – linked to Cynnal Cymru Awards stories.

– Thank you – Invite Lynsey back to our space.


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